Hello my loves!

For those of you who do not know me my name is Fatima Atanante; I am an American Muslim currently living in California. I am a Kinesiology Major aspiring physical therapist (iA) ! I made this blog in order to inspire and help not only Muslim woman around the world but those who would not mind learning authentic recipes, makeup, fashion, health or about my lifestyle. I have always been makeup crazy at a young age and this blog gives me a voice to tell you how I think of the stuff that I will get to show you guys! I intend to review products that I’ve purchased or received with my most honest opinion so look out for that and I will share with you my recipes that are definitely worth trying!
I have always thought of making YouTube videos of what I cooked or about makeup but with this blog I decided to include everything in it and I will get to share with you everything that I have to share with you guys! Over time things will improve more and more once I get the hang on blogging. I like to type more than talk anyways and it helps me able to describe things to you guys!

Enjoy xo.