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Long time for what it seems like for those who keep up with my blog. When I bought some of The Body Shop products before the lady recommended me the seaweed line which didn't help me even though it's oily/combo skin which I have combination skin type. Lately I have been having really red spots around my cheeks, little bumps and some on my forehead. A girls skin can really lower your self esteem so whatever I review is always my honest opinion and self bought unless stated. It's for blemished skin so really good for those who have textured skin or red bumps. 

Going into Body Shop even though their products did not work for me the first time they were having a 75% off on some of the products plus their Buy 3 get 3 free or their buy 2 get 1 free! They usually have this sale going on which is super good because they are cruelty free, vegetarian and some of them are vegan which we all should be buying because causing harm on animals just to end up putting on our faces once it is classified as "safe." Not saying all cruelty products are good but some of us have different reactions to each product we use. I love Body Shop I always heard good things about them they do sell makeup but I have not used them they actually have a lot of things I have not tried but I am more focused on improving my skin before using anything else on my face which is what this post will be about!

I am currently using The Tea Tree line which has really improved my skin a lot because I have tiny bumps on my cheeks and forehead which has reduced drastically in one week which is AMAZING!! Yes I do drink a lot of water and try my best to watch what I eat as I am a foodie. I am actually more surprised that it is not drying my skin as Tea Tree is mostly used on oily skin so I am learning more on what my skin type is and I try to avoid the sun as I use this treatment so it doesn't dry my skin out. 

I recently bought this box because my nearby Ulta did not have the toner separately plus I do not have a Body Shop nearby but I'm glad to have purchased it. It comes with a Mattifying Lotion, Skin Clearing Mattifying Facial Toner, Skin Clearing Facial Wash, Skin Clearing Clay Mask, and Tea Tree Oil. Now using this Tea Tree Oil is only for spot treatment do not use it all over your face that is what the other stuff is for. I also bought Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Exfoliating Face Scrub, Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser, and the Anti Imperfection Daily Solution. Now I am in love with the daily solution because it really has improved the redness and the bumps on my skin. Especially if I have a big red bump it really does reduce the size of it and I am super happy to have found a line that has improved my skin. They came out with an Anti Imperfection Night Mask which I am excited to try. The toner does help a lot with pores but I use witch hazel or this toner for my pores and it's like nothing is there! Also ever scratch your face it can make your acne worse from what I noticed so if your face is itchy or itchy from a product don't use it that much. If you break out using a new product it usually getting use to the skin but sometimes can be your skin reacting badly also. 

Girls think if they do not wear makeup they do not have to take care of their skin. Everyone should take care of their skin especially at a young age to prevent wrinkles, age spots that way you can look young even at an older age. That is why you see women with a darker complexion saying "Black don't crack" because they have so many remedies of taking care of their skin plus of their melanin in their skin. The top layer of your skin is constantly repairing itself so exfoliating is very important to take that dead skin off because dirt and oil can start to build up causing you to break out but don't scrub your face viciously or use very harsh products because that can also cause too much oil build up because of constantly scrubbing which is why I switch off using that scrub.

The way I use these products if my skin some exfoliation that day I'd use the Facial Scrub but I usually use the foaming cleanser as a foam cleanser usually cleans the skin better. The Mattifying lotion is really matte on the skin so if your skin is feeling a little dry use your favorite moisturizer/oil and make sure to let each product sit on the skin so it doesn't move around when doing the next step. I put an undereye cream/oil and try avoiding around the eyes for these products because our undereyes are very thin skin and using these products aren't hydrating it's more for drying out stubborn acne.

  • Any facial cleanser
  • Mattifying Toner
  • Anti Imperfection Daily Solution
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Mattifying Lotion
  • Favorite moisturizer/oil my favorite oil GLO Elixir from @glo.skinessentials (optional)
  • Skin Clearing Clay Mask is to be used 2-3 times a week

Use code FXTIMA10 for 10% off but that product is good on its own as you can see from the review I did on it if click that link above. Now this line has worked for me but on The Body Shop website it has a link saying expert advice if Tea Tree doesn't work for you and you are able to return it even if you used it obviously can't return it if it is half empty. I have combination skin but mostly on the dry side and I tend to get oily where my nose is and T-zone. It is honestly trial and error with finding something that works with your skin but these products are so inexpensive and like I mentioned earlier they usually have amazing deals for you to purchase yours and definitely get the rewards card to use so that you can turn your rewards into cash.

Hope you enjoyed me giving some tips on having clear skin! Always moisturize and use sunscreen because if you break out the acne on your skin can turn darker and will take longer to fix with skincare! 

With Love, Fatima



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