Lips. Brows. Foundation. Contour. You name it the NYX brand has so many amazing products starting with their soft matte lipsticks. I absolutely love them and most of the colors are usually sold out in my area which leads to ONLINE SHOPPING! 

If you have a mom like mine she would have probably asked ” Don’t you have that color already.” These soft matte lippies don’t make your lips dry which I really like because some matte lipsticks make my lips really dry and your girl isn’t trying to look crusty. The lippie Abu Dhabi isn’t in this picture but its really close to the shade London just a little darker. Kitten heels, Abu Dhabi, exotic 

NYX Lipsticks

  • Matte in Perfect Red
  • Soft Matte in London
  • Soft Matte in Stockholm and LipLiner 
  • Soft Matte in Cannes
  • Butter Gloss in Priane 
  • Soft Matte in Rome 
  • Soft Matte in Berlin 
  • Soft Matte in Abu Dhabi
  • Lingerie in Bedtime Flirt
  • Lingerie in Cabaret Show
  • Lingerie in Teddy
  • Lingerie in Exotic
  • Liquid Suede Sandstorm
  • Liquid Suede in Kitten Heels

They lippies are amazing I really love the colors and they have a variety of them which is really nice. The soft Matte ones stay on longer than the lingerie ones I’ve noticed I do wish it could stay on longer but it’s not drying at all which is a plus for me. I wanted to make this post an all NYX post but for now it’s just the lipsticks I really like how affordable it is especially those just trying out or finding a cheaper alternative. Plus the color variety is amazing so why not try them. 

I do love nudes or sometimes I’ll go for a darker look like Berlin and then mix it with Abu Dhabi or London to achieve that nice mix of a brown nude. The butter gloss usually needs to be reapplied as I’m sure with other glosses but it’s amazing for that no makeup makeup look because it adds a little color. Most of these need to be reapplied as you know if you tried NYX products which I don’t really mind because I don’t think I’ve found a Matte lippie that either stays on or gets flaky on me. 

I just got these My Mini Meet Matt(e) Hughes I honestly thought these were a little bigger online but these are more for throwing in your bag or last minute lipstick

They are Matte but not the drying kind of matte and even if it suppose to stay in all day I would recommend to redo your lipstick while you’re out that way it looks fresh! Most Matte lipsticks are drying from what I’ve tried and this one isn’t it really subtle and pigmented but I only like loyal out of the other colors and gave the rest to my sister. I was excited to try these because the color trustworthy is my favorite color but I’ve only tried it on and usually eat something that will take it off like salad. It doesn’t stay on all day thats the only thing I don’t like about them other than that I love the colors and sometimes Nordstrom has a sale on this brand so check it out and hope you enjoyed this blog on my thoughts on lippies that I’ve tried.


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