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Back with another skincare product but this one is a moisturizer and the smell of it is amazing it’s not overbearing smell but something you would just want to smell often, it also had a light pink at the time. She is always consistently improving her products she sells oil, moisturizer and pressed glitter shadows and other things.

The mositurizer includes Vitamin C, D, E, Aloe vera, Coconut Oil, Cucumber extracts and Witch Hazel extracts. Now coconut oil doesn’t sit well on my face I don’t breakout from it but it doesn’t Moisturize my skin as much as I want it too so I have to go with another layer to get that moisturized feel I want and sometimes that doesn’t help me so I would have to go with my Glo Elixir but I wanted to give this a try without the oil that way it can be an honest opinion on it. I would use this when my skin needed help on my acne because I break out on the sides of my cheeks. 

It’s meant to reduce break outs, replenish skin keeping it deeply hydrated, reduce blemishes, fight acne and evens out skin tone, giving it a healthy glow. Her page @NaturellebyIqraKhan you can see many reviews on it and before and after pictures. Her mositurizer I believe is for all skin types and I have dry to combo skin. She recommends drinking 2 liter of water as water helps with your skin and the faster results will come. She has many before and after photos on her Instagram so you can look at that. If you have her oil she also recommends putting the oil first for 20 minutes and then adding her moisturizer. Her oil is meant to help hair growth and lashes but I’ve only tried the moisturizer so I can’t really speak on the oil and her other products. Many people on her page have repurchased her products as well and stocked up  as well.

But this post is long overdue I think my skin had to get use to using it because when I used it consistently it started to work on my skin even with the coconut oil. But her new formula doesn’t have coconut oil and she just made it with a thicker consistency in a bigger tub so that it could last longer. Her stuff are kind of pricey but not as pricey as the high end skincare and this is like all in one type of moisturizer plus she will donate 15% of her profits to charity InshaAllah. With other skin care products you have to have multiple products to target specific areas on your face and it will cost more for other products as well. She also has face mists now and a highlighter as she’s constantly bringing new products out. 

I’d definitely try out her products again and probably do another review with pictures but I think it’s good to support other businesses with their products too especially if it works and I think we all could find something for our skin from these reviews. Sadly all the clothing or skincare are in the U.K. I haven’t seen anything in the US like these products. 

I’m happy to see how far she has came in the span of a few months since launching her site she has came out with more skincare and some makeup faster than I’ve seen for other businesses. Now I’m not comparing or anything but subhanAllah how business has been growing for her as she’s been helping many girls to achieve the perfect skin. It does take time for your skin to improve we all just have to keep up with it day and night.

This is my honest opinion I got the moisturizer myself and like I said in a previous post I won’t lie about something that can really help your skin improve because acne can make us insecure about our face and I’m not being paid or anything to do this post if I was I’d say get the stuff anyways because I would use the moisturizer when I needed extra help on my skin 💞 

Anyways I hope you guys liked this post and enjoy the rest of your Ramadan or day lol.

With Love Fatima 💞


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