AsSalamu Alakioum (Peace be with you) ❤️

I’ve been seeing many posts on Instagram or Twitter talking about Muslims this and Muslims that. I was going to do a video rant either on Snapchat or Instagram but I rather write this out! I’m honestly so sick and tired of us Muslims having to defend our religion and telling people who are so hardheaded and close minded what Islam truly is and not what the media portrays it! You have those people who pick one verse in the Quran (Our Holy Book) that talks about a WAR and then all the sudden think they are experts about Islam and say Islam says this and this. 

This is what our religion truly teaches us but even when you as a Muslim states all the facts and know your knowledge of Islam it will probably change maybe one or two people’s minds and the rest stay close minded. So why am I muslim? Was I forced to be muslim? Was I forced to cover myself because of wondering eyes? Am I oppressed? Answer is no! I go to college, I voice my own opinion, I decided to wear my headscarf 3 years ago and was the best decision I’ve made. People tend to mix culture and religion and let their ego get in the way of the woman’s life. I was born a Muslim but it doesn’t make me different than a revert because I didn’t take my religion seriously until I wore the headscarf. They call it revert because they found their way back to Islam to me I believe Islam is the true religion now I know most will disagree on this and say their religion is the true religion but this is my opinion and what I believe in and what you believe in is totally up to you no problem. 

Another topic I see SOOOO Many Muslims bashing on each other and this is the month of Ramadan where the gates of heaven are open and the gates of hell are closed! So whatever you are saying towards another Muslim is on you and I don’t know why be jealous of another successful Muslim or show hate towards someone trying to change their life. Do you know judging someone who is trying to change their life could possibly make them take a step back because of all the negative comments as one comment starts many follow. Now a days posting an Islamic post makes you seem too religious or praying the 5 obligatory prayers. Even wearing the hijab has family thinking oh she’s doing it impress someone I swear when I wore it family back home said she must be wearing it for someone else because living in the west they think like this. I didn’t let it bother me though because Allah (God) knows my intention and that’s what matters the most and always do things for the sake of Allah don’t pay attention to what other think while your imam is like a roller coaster we have our high and lows especially what we see on the news. 

It makes me more and more mad how people like to associate ISIS with Muslims it is utterly stupid. They kill Muslims and claim to do everything bad that happens whether it’s conspiracy or not. Then you have those who are constantly against Muslims and physically and emotionally abuse them because they think all Muslims are bad. But every religion has something such as the KKK how are their actions excused for what they did to Africans Americans  but millions of Muslims are all the sudden the face of ISIS. I swear it makes no sense whatsoever and I’m really hating to see Muslims waste their time explaining and explaining the religion to everyone. We even have our own mosques getting bombed by people who disagree and feminist thinking that Islam oppresses woman because we pray separately.

So to answer the question why am I Muslim? In all honesty yes I was raised to be a Muslim and learn about my religion but I didn’t take it seriously as I was young and peer pressure trying to blend in with everyone. But once I realized I should be more serious about my religion I learned more about it and fell in love with it for the sake of Allah and doing things for the sake of Allah, it really makes your actions stick. And why do I continue to be Muslim and wear the hijab when so many assaults and hate crimes are happening. I tell myself that this dunya (life) is short no matter what happens I hope Allah is happy with how I spent my life before I am taken out of this world. 

With culture in the way they belittle woman into thinking they are slaves to the home and just their to produce children. Especially for our Black brothers and sisters who to this day still get abused in many different ways not just by closed minded Americans but all over the world as well. Ever since Trump came into office, America has become more of a dangerous place to be in. Muslim woman can’t go out on their own or with friends without someone saying, “Go back to your country” knowing damn well that most of us Muslim Americans were born in this very country just like everyone else or even other places in the world wanting to take our immigrants from their country. America from the start came to be America by IMMIGRANTS and continues to build by the backs of immigrants! It’s crazy how a majority of white people get so scared of different cultures and religions knowing they had African Americans making them more rich and even started with mix races from the beginning and having them freak out that they have some black in them.

People are constantly calling us terrorists in believing in a God the religion of Christianity follows as they call Jesus the son of God. It’s just sad to see our Muslims brothers and sisters being lynched/killed for being black and/or Muslim. It just frustates me how acts of 9/11 is being blamed on the entire religion of Islam but why other acts on other religions is just brushed off like nothing. Why do non Muslims think pork is like kryptonite to us we just don’t eat it because it’s unhealthy for us since pigs eat almost anything it becomes very easily to get worms with other diseases.   

This world is utterly going down to crap we can’t be safe in our own homes. It also makes no sense whatsoever when a person says, “Go back to your country” when most of us don’t have a home to go to because it’s contiounsly being bombed and isn’t safe for most of us because of the people their as well attacking men, woman and children. Especially here in America you have people ripping off woman’s hijabs, physically and emotionally abusing them and some people sometimes men don’t understand how hard it is for us Muslim woman saying woman should cover they wouldn’t be abused or hit on they are like a “closed lollipop” to be honest no matter what a guy is a guy and will hit on you and his curiosity will lead to him asking for nudes like come on most of the men have no respect these days and my girls known what I’m talking about. Even when women cover from head to toe it doesn’t stop anyone from doing these horrible acts. Alhamdulliah I haven’t really gotten any hate towards me being muslim but it’s getting harder and harder to feel safe just walking out in hijab. 

Anyways I hope you enjoyed my rant about life as a Muslim. Honestly not enough words can explain how digusting this world has become.

With Love Fatima 🌺


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