Hey my lovelies!

Before I start here’s my discount code for you guys to use FXTIMA10 for 10%off on your purchase. If you live in the U.K. Shipping is £3.99 and everywhere else in the world it’s £9.99 

This is my honest review I would never give false reviews especially if it’s about skin because I know how much acne can make us feel so insecure so please don’t try to show hate on me or the owner! I personally purchased the Glo Elixirs myself but since I am a promoter I did get a discount code to use which I now can provide 10 % off to you guys!

So I know many of you waited for a review of this product that I promote which smells so amazing, if you had a ton of it I swear you can use it as a massage oil and it can be used for BODY ACNE as well! It has Lavender oil, Evening Primose Oil, Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Rosehip oil and Jojoba oil which is all Natural, Organic and Pure so no added chemicals to your face. 

The owner of @Glo.skinessentials is AMAZING, right when I purchased my order she messaged me making me even more excited to try it. I was excited to try her oil before it came out because I’ve use Ameera Liquid Gold and that made me fall in love with using oil as primer for my makeup. But this oil is different compared to that one because of the lavender oil it has. I am really proud of how far her oil has taken her too and her customer service is also AMAZING any questions you might have she is very quick to answer it! She sometimes has sales on her products and even gives out discount codes so definitely keep a look out on her Instagram!

It has improved the growth of my eyebrows since I have very fine eyebrow hairs which is amazing because the middle of my brows hardly grow and they have been growing ever since this oil. It can also be used in your hair since the oils that are included help hair growth as well. It also has greatly reduced the redness of my acne and I’ve always had bad inflamed acne which then turned to acne scars. But using this oil has helped so much I’m so happy about it since I have very stubborn acne and I use it in the morning and night and you definitely don’t need a moisturizer with it. You wake up with hydrated skin and definitely see results in no time ❤️

Now don’t accuse me of photoshop or anything it’s just the lighting I don’t have proper lighting so I used outside lighting but you can still see the difference in my skin. The acne I’ve had in the first picture has greatly reduced and left no scarring Alhamdulliah and left me with a subtle natural glow. The oil is good for all skin types whether you have dry skin, oily skin, combination and sensitive these oils will definitely help improve your skin and body!

This was my 3 day difference on May 9th I believe do you see that GLO though in the second photo like ❤️😍

This is 8 day difference which I took with flash; as you can see my skin continues to improve overtime and this is only 8 days apart and I’m super happy about the results especially when Ramadan is around the corner and I plan on not wearing much makeup during that time just to give my skin a breather. I’ve always have bad acne around the end of my cheeks as you saw how it was in the beginning but the oil has improved my redness and scarring.

The Glo Elixir really does give your skin a GLOW to it and I’m in love with this oil it’s definitely my Favorite oil of all time and it really does look so amazing under makeup it gives that natural healthy glow and when you add highlight to your face it looks even better. This oil has been great to me and I will probably forever use it even helps smooth my undereye area and has helped my skin so much you guys need to get this!

 Later on I will show more results on my Instagram page or hers @glo.skinessentials so keep an eye on that. Especially how fast the results came and how much it costs it is worth purchasing and I’m excited for my second bottle to come ❤️

With Love, Fatima 🕊


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