Hey you guys! 

So I promised that I would do a review of these skincare products while I wait for my other skincare products arrived. I will also eventually do a skincare routine until I figure out what helps my skin improve. Now nothing will improve overnight we all wish it does though and we have to stay consistent with skincare products. 

I really do like the Tea Tree Oil targeted gel for that pimples that just in the wrong spot on the wrong day. It is distilled with glycerin oil so it’s not as strong as the regular Tea Tree Oil but if you have dry skin a distilled one is better so your skin won’t dry out. It dries quickly onto your skin and will burn if you have an open pimple. 

The Seaweed Deep Cleansing Wash really does make your face feel refreshed I like to use it on and off with the Vitamin E Gentle Face Wash which I use when I need extra moisture. With the deep cleaning face wash I usually like to use it after a day of makeup that way it can wash my pores and excess oil. The Seaweed Oil Gel Control Cream burns my face quite a bit that’s why I stopped using it and used an oil as a moisturizer instead. These are amazing products and there lotions are nice and all organic products. 

The Twin Ball Revitalizing Facial Massager is really good to get blood moving around your face and feels amazing if you have an oil on your face. They have a single one that is just the under eye only since this has two it can tug on your skin unless you’re careful to put it under your eye which I do. It feels amazing when it’s cold and you put it on your face. I like their face washes but I don’t think it’s something I’d try again maybe try other products or makeup. 

With Love Fatima 🎀


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