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This will be on the few Foundations that I’ve recently purchased and who else is excited for Ramadan which is coming up very soon, I’m in need of the feeling it brings all of us. These are some high end and drugstore Foundation that can be for dry/combo skin and one of the Foundations will be for all skin types.

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation 🕊

Color: Y325

Price: $43.00

I know some people will probably love this foundation but I don’t really like it. The color is ok but the coverage sucks for me. This foundation is meant to be buildable and with each layer it feels like skin and isn’t super dewy like most Foundations for dry/combo skin. It is meant to be medium coverage but to me it is light to medium and looks cakey if you add more and it doesn’t stay on I usually have a problem covering around my jaw line because it does fade off especially with other Foundations. I don’t know whether I should set it with some powder to let it last I usually stay away from powders because they make my skin look dry. I thought this would be a foundation that I would love but unfortunately I don’t like it. I bought this at Sephora and wish I could have tried the NARS foundation instead.

Milani Foundation + Concealer 🕊

Color: Medium Beige and Light Beige 

Price: $7- $10 

This is a drugstore foundation and I absolutely love it this would be my go to. One layer of it and you will be fine about the coverage as to me it’s medium to full coverage. This foundation is amazing because it doesn’t become oily by the end of the day and gives that dewy look without making you look sweaty. I do use a concealer after it to brighten up under my eyes. I use a beauty blender because it gives out a sheer look to your foundation and helps make it look more natural. It is one of the Foundations that don’t break me out which is a plus and if you saw my other posts on Foundations you saw TOO FACEDBORN THIS WAY broke me out. I also did a review on this foundation as well. I had to order this foundation through Target again since the stores near me don’t carry it and decided to get a lighter color.

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer 

Color: Golden Neutral

Price: $28.00

Now I’ve always been iffy about trying Clinique products I don’t know why but I’ve heard good things about one Clinique foundation I’m not sure which one. But this foundation is super amazing like this is something I would probably repurchase again! It’s for all skin types and has amazing full coverage which I’m always looking for I mean makeup either to accentuate your beauty or to not look like the same person so yeah. I made the mistake though putting Mario badescu drying cream the day before on face and my skin was peeling but I swear the coverage was amazing. I couldn’t say it lasted all day because I had surgery that day and I removed my makeup because my skin was peeling bad. This foundation is definitely worth the price though when I tested it out on my hand I was like it’s totally my color I usually have to find two Foundations to find my match but this one was on point with my skin tone. This one is a 2 in 1 and I always put concealer even if it is a concealer I still like to brighten my undereye areas. This made my skin look smooth and you can either pour the foundation out or use the applicatior that comes with it with I like because I just dab it in my face and use a beauty blender. I bought this foundation at Ulta and got extra points since it’s my birthday month and my free gift. I swear when I heard you get a free gift I was like sign me up lol!


You can either wet your beauty blender make sure no water is left and you do this to make the blender soft or you can spray it which I do till its soft to use and you can find a dupe of beauty blender at Walmart, Ulta or Target! 

You can also apply oil to your foundation for extra dewyness and moisture to your skin that way you will look radiant and healthy I use an Oil which has improved my skin in a short amount of time and will be apart of the new review I am doing! 


I hope you enjoyed this I don’t know if I will be posting once school is done but I will try my best! I also do have a few skincare reviews to share with you guys so that will be amazing for you guys ! Email me or Dm for any inquires!

With Love Fatima 🎀


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