Hey you guys! 

So I’m back at it again with another blog post but this one will be a short one on some false eyelashes that I purchased. These eyelashes are amazing and natural looking although some of them are very long they are very affordable as well. Drugstore ones are about $4+ while they were around $3 each so in total I bought 10 they were $30 including shipping. Buying other lashes or high end would have costed more so I’m good to say I’m very happy with my purchase, it was a mini present to me since my birthday is coming up. 

I got a lot of people asking on my Instagram and snap what kind of lashes I got so I will put the names of them below. I will always give my honest opinion even if it’s something that I promote which these eyelashes I don’t they were bought from eBay. I will post the link as well just to help you guys out even more to make your purchase easier. They are called 3D Real Mink Lashes and trust me after you get these from now on this is where you’ll purchase your lashes. I got two of each the lashes I will post below.

  • A05
  • A07
  • A11
  • A12
  • A14

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post I have many other posts for you guys. Make sure to subscribe and email me or message me on any inquiries you have or if you want me to review something. InshaAllah next post will be on skincare as I’m testing out a few products. 

With Love, Fatima 🕊


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