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I absolutely love mascara if you were to put highlight, lipstick, eyebrows together and I had to choose one, I’d definitely choose eyebrows but mascara is definitely second place! These so far are my favorite and they are very affordable!

  • Maybelline Stiletto
  • L’Oréal Volunious Feline
  • L’Oréal Voluminous Mascara
  • Maybelline Falsies 
  • Too Faced Better Than Sex 

I’m slowly going from drugstore makeup to high end makeup that is why most of the stuff I will be review to you guys are mostly drugstore and some high end. These mascaras are amazing! I always try to find something that has length to it and has volume to it. I have straight eye lashes so some mascara after curling them really bring it down because of the wet consistency of the mascara. Most of the time dried up mascara really makes a difference and my opinion constantly changes about some of the hyped up ones as well. I’m not really going into depth of what mascara does what because I sometimes use more than one to achieve that feathery long lashes look.

I’ve noticed those who wear makeup will buy the most expensive mascara and then put false lashes on top and I always say what is the purpose of that. You can honestly find lashes at your local convenient store individual or full lash and pop them and blend it in with any mascara you have it’s that simple and way more affordable! I think whether you wear lashes or just mascara you can always find something for an affordable price even though it’s usually a hit or miss.


To those wanting to grow there lashes or eyebrows I would use Vaseline every night and sleep with it. You can also use castor oil, avocado oil and coconut oil together or separately and use your fingers or a mascara spool on your lashes and eyebrows and will make them longer and darker.

When buying a product from anywhere always do your research and go on YouTube and see beauty gurus give their honest opinion about it. You will have to watch more than one video but this is what I do whenever I want to buy something that I haven’t tried so I have in mind what I need to get. Sephora does give out samples for some of their products if you want to try them out

If the product is too wet scrap some of the product on the lining of the mascara the hole part


I hope you gals enjoyed this. Please let me of anything you want reviewed by emailing me or DMing me on Instagram! Until next time ❤️

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