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Before I start I wanted to say I have a discount code for hijabs they do sell other stuff and it’s From China I’ve only ordered hijabs. (FXTIMA10) for 10%off I will post link below! Enjoy it! 


I’ve decided to post about my hijab (headscarf) story since Year 3 mark is approaching which is crazy, I felt like it hasn’t been that long wearing the hijab. My advice to sisters thinking of wearing the hijab is to learn why you wear it, don’t wear to impress someone or because you were told to or for fashion reasons. I know in some cultures they’d force the hijab without teaching us woman on why we wear it, which is totally wrong! That is why there is accusations on why men oppress woman because some cultures force woman to do things they don’t want to do. But hijab is truly a beautiful thing to experience because you can play with many different colors and styles that will suit your face or style.

Hijab is fard (obligatory) so eventually you will have to wear it if you are thinking about it or haven’t thought about it. With Islamophobia on the rise, it’s discouraging Muslim woman or those thinking of converting to Islam because we are most targeted on verbal, physical abuse. But that shouldn’t discourage us by taking it off because Allah SWT is our protector we should wear the hijab for Allah SWT sake. Honestly do anything for the sake of Allah SWT and that action will stick because Allah SWT is always there for you ! Try to wear hijab for the day even if it’s risk taking you’ll feel amazed and accomplished after that because people around you will change as well.  You will lose friends and gain new ones it’s all the process in life. When I first wore It I was called “religious” by my own Muslim brothers and sisters and now a days praying makes you seem “religious.” It should not be like back then it they would have to pray a large amount of prayers until it was reduce down to those daily 5 including sunnah prayers.

To others it may seem like a cloth covering your head but to me it is so much more I feel protected and creates an identity for me. It definitely does have an high and low with my confidence but I feel more beautiful with it on. Definitely made me improve as a person and as a Muslimah especially on how I wear my clothes. Some clothing are something you should invest in if it is on the higher side like abayas and certain materials last a while. My advice again is to learn why you wear the hijab and there is a way to look fashionable and be modest at the same time. Many girls and woman wear hijab differently as we all are on a journey in this life all we can do is unite with each other and help each other become better Muslimah of the world!

I will post some other websites for hijabs, abayas and other modest clothing for cheap as modest clothing seems to be more on the expensive side these days. Poplook has so much modest clothing for cheap you’ll love it! So far I’ve ordered from Fjs Collection, Verona Collection, Inayah, TheHijabVault (i have so many of their hijabs), Voile Chic, and ILoveModesty and I loved each one!

Links below:

I hope you enjoyed this and use it to your advantage, I will update these links time to time but these are some of the stores I have kept for my shopping reference and heard that are really good to purchase from and I personally shopped from some and did research as we should all do when ordering online.

With Love, Fatima 🕊


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