Hello lovelies
Sorry for the delay I’ve been busy with school and life but I will post two blog posts this week because I have an exam soon. Make sure to subscribe and email me for any inquiries!

I will be talking about my contour palettes/kits that I use whenever I put on makeup. Now I have the e.l.f powder contour palette, e.l.f blush and contour, LORAC cream contour and LORAC powder contour. These palettes/kits except the blush and contour one come with different products such as concealers, highlighters, blush and setting powder.

LORAC Cream Contour

This contour kit is very versatile on the colors, it’s not only a contour palette but for concealer, highlight and contains one blush color. The highlights are a subtle highlight not the one where you can shine from space highlight, they are buildable. The Lorac palettes are for cooler undertones but still can be used if you are warmer tone. At first I didn’t like the concealers because they were somewhat hard to blend but once it warms up on your hand it’s easily blendable with a light coverage. I’m still deciding if the concealer can be have more coverage if you set it with a powder. The blush is more a light pink than a peach and as I said before kind of hard to blend. If you use cream contour you have to know where you normally place your contour would be more above or else it won’t show and be all messed up on contouring your face. I use this alone if I want to go for a more natural look. This one comes with a brush, it is a duo brush one for making parts of your face with the cream contour for concealer and the other side is for blending it in but I use the brush that I will mention in the next palette.

LORAC Powder Contour 

I use this contour kit almost all the time, it does come with 3 highlight colors but two of them are to set the undereye not really for baking as it’s not a loose powder. One of them is a shimmery highlight, it is used for those highlight points on the face but it is not the right color for highlighting and more of a loose highlight. The contour colors can be used on deeper skin tones as I use the light contour sometimes lightly with the medium contour. It is a little pricey that’s why I have included lower end contour kits. This does come with a brush as well and the brush is amazing really good for contouring! It is a narrow brush that gets in making straight lines for contouring your cheekbones or nose and jawline.

e.l.f Blush and Contour Kit
With Flash

Without Flash

I used this blush and contour kit ever since I was in high school which has been a couple of years. The blush has a bit shimmer to it but it is a beautiful color to apply and the contour has a bit of shimmer as well but is the perfect contour that I would reuse. I have used e.l.f products since I was in high school because I was slowly getting into makeup plus it was easily affordable. They are cruelty free so no hurting little animals to test if there products are okay. You can totally skip the cream contour if you want your contour to be more noticeable but I like to do one or another depending on what look I’m going for.

e.l.f Contour Kit

I love this palette and it’s only $6 this one is more for warmer undertones which would be nice if you’re looking for that sun kissed look. The top color on the left is a highlighter and the right color to set your undereyes after concealer and I dont think it can be used for baking or cooking but they do have a translucent powder which is $6 or $3. e.l.f definitely is expanding bringing in skincare as well as having variety of contour palettes, blush, highlight, etc. There brushes are something you should invest in because they are easily affordable and they are also known for being cruelty free. They do have a cream contour for this palette and different colors varying in your skin color.

I hope you enjoyed this and make sure to contact me for any inquiries I will gladly answer!

With Love x


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