Hello my loves!
This is my first Blog post I hope you all enjoy and email me for any inquiries! 

When it says “Smells like peaches” it really does smell like it! I decided to try something new and buy some high end up makeup even though I’m so used to drugstore makeup. This Palette has amazing beautiful colors that would be nice for all skin types, it has 18 individual colors. 

For those on a budget this is not the first Palette that includes peach colors but it is the first I’ve come across to smell so yummy so worth the investment especially with the pigmentation. They also have another palette similar to this one but I always suggest buying the real stuff because you’re putting it on your face you don’t know what’s in it that could cause allergic reactions. It was $49.00 at my local Ulta kind of pricey but since it’s versatile I think it’s worth the money especially how beautiful and pigmented the colors are.

The Born This Way foundation is amazing. I’m in the color Warm Nude, it is a medium to full coverage so it’s buildable to however you’d prefer. It’s very light and when I put it on it’s like BAM highlight points in my face and feels like skin which I love so more of a natural look. I use the real techniques beauty blender to apply but you can use a brush, it’s all up to your preference! This Palette is versatile to whoever look you can come up with, I’d suggest trying a cut crease it definitely would be amazing with these colors! But this foundation has made me break out so what you could do is try a sample of this foundation from Sephora that way you wouldn’t have to spend $40 or more for a hype up foundation

I hope you all enjoy my first blog post and I will continue posting once or twice a week and if you want me to try any products please DM on instagram or email me with any inquiries

With Love Fatima


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